UTGC LLC., an ISO 9001-2000 company promises to offer “Total Timber Solutions” par excellence meeting your specific needs under one roof. Getting extended life from our objective and main concern and Customers Satisfaction is our Motto. Our high performance products are manufactured from plantation material and we offer uninterrupted extended lifelong services that keep the carbon locked for several decades and thus help in mitigating global warming, by blocking release of controversial green house gases.

We at UTGC LLC., do not offer just wood but offer “Total Timber Solutions.” Our products are used worldwide since 2001. We have installed our own modern sawmills and workshops to provide quality products varying from standard cut sizes (Lumber) to finished products like chowkhats /doors/windows, flooring and furniture. UTGC LLC has its own sawmills, seasoning chambers and pressure impregnation plants, plywood and floor manufacturing units.

Our sawmills located at Ukraine and imported logs.

We also offer a variety of hardwoods (American hardwoods, European hardwood, Malaysian hardwood and African hardwood) and softwood from Canada and Europe.

Cut sizes are prepared from quality logs/scantling imported from different countries and precisely sawn with state-of-the-art saw milling equipment and technology.

Apart from teak, we offer lumber from Beech, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Mahogany, Batu, Kempas, Merbau, Keuring, Red and Yellow Meranti, hemlock, Douglas fir and Spruce, etc. While most sizes are available for ready delivery, we do supply, kiln dried and preservative lumber on specific orders too.

Chowkhats / Doorframes : Factory made, seasoned of Teak / Champ / Miranti / Ash / Oak etc. Our products are made using ultra modern machines under strict quality control in all range; High, Medium & Economy of all wood sizes to meet any of your requirements.

Doors – Solid Wood, Veneer, Laminated, Skin, Teak Skin, Malamine, Membrane, Ply Panel, Flush Door or any other wooden Door available in standard sizes or made to order sizes, direct from factory.

Other Wooden products – Flooring, Cladding, Paneling, Pathway, Houses, Stairs, Ralling, Beeding, Margin, Architrave or any other wood work of your choice and dream.


At Vinnytsia Oblast, 21000 Ukraine we have out Import, export unit, Warehouse, Sawmills, Seasoning Plant, Wood Manufacturing Plant.

There we also have a morden Saw mill, Chowkhats and Door Frame manufacturing Unit, Office for Wholesale and Retails of all timber and wood products.

We have complete setup to produce Door frames, Chowkhats, Wooden Doors, Flush Doors, Mouldings and Beedings.


Business Concept : To deliver maximum use of wood with minimum wastage with focus on Quality such as seasoning termite proofing still keeping the products Economical.

Sustainability : We support and promote sustainably-managed plantations to procure or log woods and timber; that’s why we say “GROW MORE TREES”

Innovation: We are always innovating to bring products viable and economical through use of world’s latest technologies in wood industry.

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